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Peter Andros and Toney Freeman Pruvit Dallas Texas

All Carbs Aren’t so Bad, kk!

Over the past few months you may have noticed a slight change in some of my meals on social media…. here is why! As always, I can only tell you my story and how I feel with the foods I eat. I should also point

The office can be hard to leave!

The Zero Fifteen Wrap Up, by Alex Skinner

          From a road trip chatter topic – to welcoming home Peter from his second American tour; I’m happy to say that being involved with the Ketosis Tools and the Keto King team has been an amazing, fun-filled journey packed with

I show you how to do Keto in the article below.

A Day in the Life of Keto King

Every day, I’m asked for advice about nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. So here I have prepared for you a snapshot of my own routine – one day in the life of me. You can give some of my ideas a try and see if they


Keto Hollandaise Sauce

  So yesterday I receive a notification from the Keto King Facebook page that someone’s left a comment on one of my posts asking about Hollandaise Sauce. Well! Ask and you shall receive! Here’s my take on Hollandaise sauce for the Keto Lifestyle, hope you get the


Pruvit’s Mastermind Event in San Diego

Thank you U.S.! As most of you who have followed me on any social media would also know about my recent trip to the United States. The trip was for a workshop involving the low carb community and to provide information on Prüvit’s new super

Prepping for my upcoming trip to San Diego with Pruvit!

Homemade Tzatziki and U.S. Update!

    Ok guys before we get into it today some other quick news for those of you who may not have yet seen – I’m coming to the U.S.! Thanks to the amazing results I’ve been achieving after adding Keto-OS to my routine, I

Oven-baked Mushrooms. They ain't pretty but they taste great!

Oven-baked Stuffed Mushrooms

    Yeah, ok, – I get it. They’re really not that good looking; but they are perfect little snacks jam-packed with nutrients. In our stuffed mushrooms we squeeze in some amazing flavour combinations too, fresh mint and parsley will really help to make this


Keto-OS: Instant Ketosis Is Finally Here

        Most of my friends would say that when they hear the word keto or ketosis or anything related to high fat diets I’m told they immediately think of me. There’s a reason for this. Over the past 5 years I’ve been

Even from further away, looks just as mouth watering. Mmmm.

Warm Pan-fried Kefalograviera and Lemon

    ‘Just wow.’ – This is usually the reaction for keto people learning about Kefalograviera for the first time. The logic behind the flavours here is really simple guys – Here you have a hard, high fat cheese that grills well on medium heat.