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Warm Pan-fried Kefalograviera and Lemon

Keto Ketosis Peter Andros TheManCanCook Kefalograviera

‘Just…wow.’…this is usually the reaction for keto or fat-adapted people learning about Kefalograviera for the first time.

Here we have a hard, high fat cheese that grills well on medium heat. With a squeeze of fresh lemon over the top, the citrus cuts through the heaviness of the fat. This combination makes for a fresh and fast high-fat snack.

Oh and it’s mostly fat and protein (24g Fat, 28.3g Protein).  Worth noting at this point is that not all bodies are optimised to be able to digest dairy,  and that in a high-fat diet dairy should not be a primary source of fats. When burning fats for energy, there are more suitable fats to eat on a larger scale which are more easily metabolised by the body, rather tahn

Quite possibly the tastiest and easiest keto food ever, no excuses, give it a go!

Grilled Kefalograviera with Lemon

Note: I recommend highly that you seek out your local delicatessen, and avoid supermarket brands on this one! This old cheese is best enjoyed when sourced from producers using traditional practices and recipes.

  • 50g Kefalograviera Cheese
  • Olive Oil
  • Organic Lemon

About olive oil guys, make sure you buy your olive oil in a dark bottle or metal tin as these oils are most protected from UV damage during transport and shelf life.

Step 1: Heat and Grill

  1. Oil the pan and set to medium heat, and cook for 1 minute or until golden brown on each side.
  2. Timing is everything here…be careful not to overdo the cheese by using high heat, this will melt the cheese. Conversely, if the heat is too low the cheese will simply soften and lose structure, fast becoming a flat cheese pancake!

Step 2: Serve

Garnish with parsley if you wish,  and squeeze fresh lemon over the top!

Keto doesn’t get easier than that!

Keto King

Keto Ketosis Peter Andros TheManCanCook Kefalograviera Ketogenic