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The Zero Fifteen Wrap Up, by Alex Skinner


From a road trip chatter topic – to welcoming home Peter from his second American tour; I’m happy to say that being involved with the Ketosis Tools and the Keto King team in zero fifteen has been an amazing experience.

Alex Skinner here.

As lead coordinator of the Ketosis Tools and Keto King team, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Peter on a daily basis. Writing today on behalf of the Pete to recap on this whirlwind that was ‘zero fifteen’, let me take you back to the start.

Alex Skinner Peter Andros Coffee Ketosis Tools keto

“Two long blacks two piccolos.” – The standard order, going easy on the milk.

Peter sits in a small cafe in West End, the hipster-esque end of town. Here, the coffee is good, and the bustle of the city isn’t so loud. Soon thereafter I arrive, pulling up a very trendy, purposefully weathered red chair.

Peter is smiling. “Zero fifteen.”, he says. The unyielding smile carries on past the statement, and tells me everything I need to know about the year ahead. It’s clear Peter’s been thinking on it. I was to learn in the months to come, that the statement ‘zero fifteeen’ in fact surmised a positivity-laden vision for the year that we would transform into reality.

Alex Skinner Peter Andros Infnite Ketosis Tools

The screens are on we swear! Our office on weekends.

Sure enough, our weekly coffee jaunts by the river soon began to fill with statements like ‘we should start an x or y‘, or ‘I’ve been thinking about x. Let’s try something new here.’ These impromptu meetings often concluded rough piles of sketches, and hand-scribbled deadlines that would eventually become The Man Can Cook, and the re-creation of Ketosis Tools.


ketosistools Ketosis Peter Andros

We expanded our store, Ketosis Tools

Next, we dug our hands deep into social media channels; getting to the core of the Keto, Paleo and LCHF scene. We did the hard yards, reading and researching the scene. Talking with low carb movement leaders. Eventually we started to discover the topics which really needed to be brought the forefront of the public low-carb conversation.

Fast forward a few months, and we’ve only just begun to write and share articles and content from the vast, low carb knowledge base that is Peter Andros.  Before long it was clear that the big guy’s style and topics had struck a chord with his community, and boy – did it show.

At this point, if e-mails weighed the same as letters, we would have been buried under actual tonnes of paper. Thousands of emails were (and still are!) pouring through our inboxes every month, with all of your low carb stories, questions, and triumphs.

And then, came a big shake up. Here entered the exogenous ketone, guised in the form of budding MLM company, Prüvit.

Reluctant at first, Peter was at odds with MLM structure of Prüvit. This concern quickly abated however, as a result of the fresh experience he received when he flew to the U.S. to meet the cast and crew at the head of the positive Prüvit team. These guys were just as driven about improving the health of both Americans and humans the world over with the benefits of the low carb lifestyle as we were! After stopping in briefly to Hong Kong, Peter returned home energised and brimming with ideas, an energy he shared and quickly spread throughout the team.

IMAGE07The introduction of exogenous ketones eliminated so many barriers for those struggling to enter the low carb lifestyle.  Concerns such as long adaption periods, uncertainty of results, lack of authoritative information were being resolved by low carb advocates coming together under the Prüvit banner to unite as a informational, and inspirational source.

After yielding to the unrelenting passion of the Prüvit team, determined to have Peter on board, soon enough saw him boarding another international plane en route to Texas. By this point, names like Brian Underwood, Abigail Epps-Kluttz, Rob DeBoer, Byron James, Toney ‘X-man’ Freeman, Dr. Andrea Campitelli, Jimmy Moore, Maria Emmerich, and many more were becoming ‘household names’ so to speak. I’ve also heard that Peter has been labelled ‘Thunder from Down Under’ at some point but has yet to stick…

We were in the company of good-hearted people with a common goal – all low carb leaders all aiming for a better, healthier world – through the accelerating vehicle that is the low carb lifestyle. Yes, it was clear the Low Carb movement had begun.

Peter Andros Pruvit

Peter with the Pruvit Team

These are only but a few highlights of the year, but I’m sure you’re seeing the trend by this point! Low carb is on the way up, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

So thank you for your support and readership thus far, and here’s to approaching 2016 with the exact same positivity, vision, and dogged determination with which we hit Zero fifteen. We hope to see you there.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a fulfilling 2016.

– Alex


“I’d just like to say a quick thanks to Alex. Alex is the guy that always finds another gear and gets the job done. Having you on board has made Zero fifteen possible and we’ve only just begun. Looking forward to our next adventure mate. “

– Peter Andros, Keto King