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Keto-OS: Instant Ketosis Is Finally Here

Keto Ketosis Peter Andros TheManCanCook Ketogenic Diet

We’re here to talk about Keto-OS, and what the release of exogenous ketones means to the wider ketosis community – but to understand this fully, let’s wind back a few years.

Most of my friends would say that when they hear the word keto or ketosis or anything related to high fat diets – I’m told they immediately think of me. There’s a reason for this.

Over the past 5 years I’ve been flooded with a constant flow of emails dealing with documentary theses and articles on high fat diets. This has actually made my life a lot easier. No longer do I need to go crazy looking for resources, as I have more than I could ever possibly read. This has meant that I always know what’s coming: the good, the not so good, the bad and the ugly.

As many of my friends would know, I’ve been saying forever “when will they make a product that helps us burn ketones?” Such a product would enable us to bounce back quicker after a carb reload, or even give us leeway if we think we’ve been eating too many carbs (and you should know by now how I feel about the carb reload – a weekly reload is a must, for performance reasons). This topic is one that’s close to my heart.

Thankfully I can finally say that I’m very excited to announce that it’s here – the magic blue pill we have been forever waiting for!

Keto Ketosis Peter Andros TheManCanCook Ketogenic Diet Keto OS

After many years of getting contacted by companies claiming they had the next miracle, I was actually delighted to be contacted about this product.

Introducing Pruvit, and Exogenous Ketones

What caught me right away about this one was the research that I had already been aware of and had been following on exogenous ketones in clinical studies and research done at the University of South Florida.

The technology in this product was developed in Dr. D’Agostino’s lab at USF.

I had known of this research, and had been a constant visitor to these studies for a very long time. I’m always interested to see what all the pro Keto doctors and researchers are doing. To tell you the truth, I had been waiting in anticipation for the past year for something to come to market. Naturally, when I was told that a company named PRÜVIT had the first exogenous ketone product available for consumers using some of the same technology I had been following I was all ears.



I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to be involved with this exciting new breakthrough product Keto-OS, and also work hand in hand with Angela Poff from the University of South Florida who is on Pruvit’s advisor board.

There have been many late night Skype calls with the founder Brian and his lovely team member and my new partner Abigail Kluttz; they have been wonderful enough to call me in the Australia day time. Abigail, Brian, I owe you guys a call during the day in your own time zone!

The pitch was easy, as the team’s reputation preceded them. Personally I would never promote anything that I didn’t believe in, and I’ve never taken anyone up on any of the offers for compensation ever provided to me. Still, it wasn’t long into my first call with Brian that I had a great feeling about the company and the people involved.

In other words, I was in.

Ketone Exogenous Keto-OS Keto OS Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook Ketogenic Ketosis


The Product Testing Phase

Now for the exciting part! However, before I get talking on my beta-hydroxybutyrate testing results I would like to share a video featuring this new product, just to give you a better prospective. This short clip is a must watch and should answer many of your questions.



Now, the first question on your mind after watching this clip is almost certainly “does it do what it says on the bottle?” I am delighted to say that it does! I am greatly excited in this product, as the ability of this powder to actually raise your beta hydroxybutyrate level is a huge step forward.

When you have beta hydroxybutyrate in your blood, it means that you’re in fat burning mode. It doesn’t matter if it’s nutritional ketosis or not – if there’s even a trace of beta hydroxybutyrate in your blood, it means you’re burning fat! On top of that, you’re full of energy too. Go figure – you can burn fat and have more energy. The product raised my levels from 0.3 mmol/L to 0.8 mmol/L within an hour off the back of my carb reload.

Ketone Exogenous Keto-OS Keto OS Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook Ketogenic KetosisTools

According to Keto scientists Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney, the below graph sourced from The art and science of low carbohydrate performace shows the levels of ketones best utilised for weight loss and performance are found to be between 0.5 mmol/L to 3.0 mmol/L.


Peter Andros TheManCanCook Ketogenic KetosisTools Diet

(p.91, Volek and Phinney, 2012)

My Review of Keto-OS

Ketone Exogenous Keto-OS Keto OS Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook Caffeine

On first try I under-dosed as I wanted to be sure of my reaction to the product.

My initial thoughts were that the texture of Keto-OS was slick on the top of my tongue.

This was to be expected, as other products based on oils like MCT oil and coconut oil would provide the same feeling. The taste of the product was very strong.For me, it was a little bit on the overwhelming side. I ended up adding more water upon my next try, which made it a great deal more palatable. You will undoubtedly need to get your own taste ratio down pat – like with all supplements, whether it be protein powders or BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), you’ll need to find the right water level to blend the products to your own individual taste.


At first, the energy boost the product gave me wasn’t the best. In fact, I began to wonder if Keto-OS would give me any significant advantage at all.


Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook KetoOS Energy

Over the next 2 days I increased the dosage. My first reaction? Wow! The increase in my energy level was extremely noticeable.

Anyone who has experienced a deep state of nutritional ketosis themselves will know exactly what I’m talking about: an instant abundance of energy, and all this just after two days of taking Keto-OS. Of course, this does more than increase your energy levels. It also leads to weight loss as well.

Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook KetoOS Weight Loss
After my first week I noticed that I had dropped a significant amount of body fat.

This makes sense of course: as this product is designed to elevate levels of beta hydroxybutyrate in the blood, your body switches to fat burning mode to constantly reduce body fat.

There are other advantages as well. Research has shown higher levels of beta hydroxybutyrate has a tendency to keep insulin levels low. A lucky trade off to this is that dramatic blood sugar spikes are kept under control, virtually eliminating those feelings of wanting to gorge on your next meal – not to mention your energy levels bottoming out. This also helps in keeping ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, at bay.

There’s certainly no doubt that this product is a going to be a huge deal in the weight loss world.

Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook KetoOS Mental Clarity

With all of those nasty insulin spikes now being kept at bay, blood sugar levels remain much more stable. This means that those terrible afternoon brain crashes asking for more food are a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll get a steady stream of the right kinds of energy, providing for mental clarity throughout the day

Pruvit Peter Andros TheManCanCook KetoOS Mental Clarity Fat-adapted

For me, this feature of Keto-OS – the ability to eat carbs, yet still stay in keto – is the most important lifestyle improvement this powder makes possible. I see a real advantage for those of us who are carb cycling Keto’ers. This is a real game changer for Cyclical and Targeted ketogenic dieters.

CKD SKD TKD Diet Peter Andros Keto King

For any persons on TKD and performance Keto diets, ingesting a small amount of fast burning carbohydrates immediately after a workout can be a little daunting – as some people may find it hard or time consuming to kick back into Keto burning mode.

Now this is a thing of the past as the solution is here, and it’s truly what I’m most excited about.

What I have discovered with Keto-OS is that I can be burning 1.0 mmol/L of beta-hydroxybutyrate within the first hour of taking the powder.

So in short? This product rocks!

Hopefully you can also take advantage of Keto-OS too.

Keto Ketosis Peter Andros TheManCanCook Kefalograviera KetoOS Buy

At the moment, Keto-OS is in limited supply as it moves through its prototype phase. As a result I’m unable to offer the product in mass amounts.

Also, I have to offer an apology to my fellow Australians and every other country as Keto-OS will not be available to anyone outside of the United States, especially at this early.

If you are in the US and interested in purchasing Keto- OS please email me ASAP because I have a long list of people waiting and can only have a limited amount of active invitations – codes in process.

Peter Andros

Keto King

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