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FED UP – Sugar and Industrialised Food in America

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We are fed up of sugar.

It’s so great to see every time we come across one of these documentaries. Time and time again it’s great to see that we still have so many health-conscious individuals interested in the actual well-being of the community, creating investigative and interesting content like this.

The style of eating I’ve become now an avid proponent of, Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), is so important for increasingly sedentary lifestyles in knowledge-worker societies. In plain English – if you sit around all day not using energy – don’t eat insulin-spiking, high energy sugars and carbs!

It seems simple but for many these lessons were never taught in school curriculum or social environments, so documentaries like this really deserve our support to put sugar and processed foods in particular in their rightful place.

Below we’ve linked the trailer for this amazing film, FED UP, which exposes how industrialised, profit-driven nutrition – isn’t really nutrition at all.

Better health through self-education.

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