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Pruvit’s Mastermind Event in San Diego

Thank you U.S.! As most of you who have followed me on any social media would also know about my recent trip to the United States to see the guys involved with Pruvit. The trip was for a workshop involving the low carb community and


Keto-OS: Instant Ketosis Is Finally Here

We’re here to talk about Keto-OS, and what the release of exogenous ketones means to the wider ketosis community – but to understand this fully, let’s wind back a few years. Most of my friends would say that when they hear the word keto or


FED UP – Sugar and Industrialised Food in America

We are fed up of sugar. It’s so great to see every time we come across one of these documentaries. Time and time again it’s great to see that we still have so many health-conscious individuals interested in the actual well-being of the community, creating investigative and


World Class Ironman Sami Inkinen on Keto

Staying up to date with the movement of Keto in sport and althetes is something I remain very interested in as a member of the LCHF fitness community. Athletes today are increasingly learning that ‘eat endless carbs’, isn’t the only way to prepare for physical exertion. In